How to Create Your Own Entourage


According to the meaning of the word Entourage is a group of attendants or associates, as of a person of rank or importance. In other words I am talking about companions or colleagues who are around to meet your needs and among all your companions you are the person […]

Putting it out there for all to see


For many of us, giving and receiving affection is one of the best parts of having an intimate relationship, and this may range anywhere from a hand on your partner’s knee to a big, juicy kiss. Everyone has his or her opinion about public displays of affection (PDA), but most […]

European Internet Dating – KVM Info

Lets_Dating “Welcome to the European Dating Club. This international internet dating site will enable you to contact and meet men and women from around the world, including UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Belarus, America and South America, for relationships, marriage, casual, friendship or correspondence. Joining is free. We […]

How to Cure Your Approach Anxiety


There at the magazine section studying this month’s Cosmo, there is the most heavens-parting, drop dead gorgeous blonde you’ve ever seen in your life. You would be on top of the world if you could pick her this girl up. You shake with fear. You realize, sadly, that even if […]

Relationship Mistakes – KVM Info


The most common relationship mistakes are easily avoided and the Relationship Doctor is here to teach you how to make your relationship last. 1. No Longer Being a Challenge In the beginning of the relationship, she wanted you but didn’t know if she could get you. Weeks/months/years later she has […]

Reconciliation Revisited – KVM Info


I’ve got a definition of reconciliation. I say reconciliation is “the reestablishment of coherent equilibrium in a relationship.” That’s my definition. I’ve said over and over again. I’ve read it over and over again and it works for me. As part of the OM Reconciliation Council, I have the honor […]

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