How to appreciate your Eastern European wife


The art of appreciation in relationships is the most important part in the dynamics. Appreciation is a more powerful emotion than gratitude because gratitude is about feeling grateful after receiving some benefits, whereas appreciation is about feeling grateful unconditionally. Notice the ways your Eastern European wife contributes to your life. […]

Should You Buy Your Online Girlfriend a Gift?


Many international dating sites allow men to buy women gifts and sent these gifts to ladies via international deliveries. That’s a beautiful thing to do if the dating site is as reliable as (a true leader in the international dating industry). In order to ensure your Internet dating safety, […]

Are you a waiter or a creator?


Don’t leave your love life to chance. A switched-on man would never wait until things happen to him because he always goes out to happen to things. The fact that you are reading this blog right now means you are probably a switched-on man because most men wouldn’t look for […]

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