How to Court a Woman: The Rules Every Man Must Know


Are you wondering how to court a woman? Then the first thing you need to know is that courtship is very different from dating. It’s a more traditional form of getting to know a girl that’s based on spending time with her and learning about her. Selflessness, commitment and friendship […]

What to Do When a Guy Doesn’t Text Back


Are you currently losing your sanity wondering why the guy you like just isn’t texting you back? Then you’re not alone. Many girls freak out when this happens, confused about why they’re suddenly getting the silent treatment. You’re probably wondering ‘what did I do?’, and ‘should I text him again?’. […]

Learn How to Be Charming in 3 Simple Steps


Do you want to be able to win people over at the drop of a hat? Then you may want to learn how to be more charming. What does it mean to be charming? Well, charming people have attractive personalities and use their attitude and body language to attract and […]

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