The importance of emotional connection


There are three pillars in a relationship: emotional connection, intimacy and mutual benefits. Apparently, the most important pillar is emotional connection, but how can we build and maintain a genuine emotional connection so that a relationship will be sustainable in the long term? What is emotional connection? Experiences that you […]

Modern culture and online dating


Currently, there are three schools of thought in the modern dating culture, including online dating and offline dating: blue pill, red pill and black pill. Please let me explain. What does “blue pill” mean? Right now, in the mainstream western society (probably except the United States), it’s cool to laugh […]

How to turn uncertainty into empowerment


When you are single, things are uncertain because you don’t know who you will end up with. Fortunately, there are many ways to turn the annoying uncertainty into tremendous empowerment. Let me show you how! Do what’s obvious first. In my opinion, improving your grooming is the fastest method to […]

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