This is why Kate Middleton often wears hats when stepping off a plane


We all know the royals have a whole handbook full of fashion hacks, such as wearing shoes that are one size too big to avoid blisters, and having weights sewn into skirts so they don’t blow up in the wind.

Speaking of wind, there is another trick the Duchess of Cambridge uses to avoid having hair in her face, specifically when she steps off a plane during an official visit, where there are often photographer waiting.

According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, it doesn’t involve hairspray, but simply wearing a hat.

She told The Sun, ‘Often it’s so windy and breezy that hats are used to keep hair in place. Just like the dresses fly up, so does your hair. Right when you walk off the aeroplane those are the first photos that go viral, so the hat is often used right when they walk off for that reason.’

Kate Middleton is also fond of hairnets, for when she has a chic updo that she doesn’t want to budge, and royal women often use combs to keep their hats in place too. Princess Diana was especially fond of this trick.

So next time you see Kate stepping off a plane, wearing a hat, you’ll know why.

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