A Harry Potter version of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ exists and accio immediately


If you’ve been spending your lockdown evenings listening to Daniel Radcliffe narrating Harry Potter, attempting this 3,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle and enjoying J. K. Rowling’s new Harry Potter project, then you’re going to absolutely love this.

There’s a Harry Potter version of Cards Against Humanity coming your way, and it’s the magical activity we all need right now.

That’s right – first there was the Friends themed version of the popular card game, and now there’s a wizarding world take on it. Honestly, could we ask for more?!

It’s full of cheeky HP humour and puns, and while it isn’t technically official merchandise it does include lots of references to the characters, spells and all things magic with a bit of a grown-up twist.

The rules are the exact same as the original game. Each player takes turns to read a question from a black card, while the remaining players answer with one of their white cards to give the funniest answer or fill in the blanks.

And there are lots of cheeky ways to play Cards Against Muggles.

Harry Potter knowledge isn’t required but will make this game a lot more fun, with blank cards including the likes of ‘Hogwarts school of witchcraft and [blank],’ and ‘[Blank] is how I got stains on the invisibility cloak.’

Answers include ‘Hermione’s bush(y hair)’ and ‘Putting my basilisk in your chamber of secrets.’

Ahem. Interesting.

The game, which is recommended for those aged 17+, will set you back precisely £41.28 on Etsy or you can get the print-it-yourself version for around £6.

For the hours of fun it will likely bring, it’s a bargain if you ask us.

And if you want even more, there’s also a Cards Against Disney and Cards Against Springfield.

Time to rally up your housemates and enjoy a game or two on Saturday night.

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