Mary-Kate Olsen is requesting an emergency divorce from Olivier Sarkozy


The couple is splitting after five years of marriage.

It was reported earlier this week that Mary-Kate Olsen and her husband Olivier Sarkozy are separating after five years of marriage.

The couple, who wed in November 2015, are notoriously private, with little reported about their eight-year relationship.

It came as a surprise therefore when multiple outlets reported that Mary-Kate, 33, had filed for divorce from the 50-year-old French banker and was seeking an emergency order.

According to court documents, Mary-Kate is reported to have actually tried to file for divorce on April 17, but was prevented from doing so by the coronavirus pandemic, with the outbreak halting divorce filings and only dealing with ‘emergency’ requests.

It is thought that she is now therefore filing an ‘emergency’ request for a divorce.

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TMZ has reported that Olivier Sarkozy’s legal team is insisting that Mary-Kate move her belongings out of their New York apartment, giving her a deadline of May 18, something she reportedly says is not safe to do.

According to court documents, via InStyle, Mary-Kate claims that Olivier is forcing her from the premises and an emergency divorce petition filing would prevent him from disposing of her personal belongings.

TMZ has added that Mary-Kate has requested the honouring of the couple’s prenuptial agreement, the details of which are not public.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy are yet to comment.

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