This is the real reason why Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding ring


And Kate doesn’t seem to mind.

You may not have noticed this before but Prince William does not and never has worn a wedding ring.

The Duke of Cambridge, who married Kate Middleton in 2011, has never been spotted with one – but William has chosen not to wear a wedding band for a very simple reason, and it’s completely understandable.

Why has he forgone the bling? To put it plainly, he just doesn’t want to wear one. Simple.

While the royal couple announced that he would be going ring-free ahead of their wedding over eight years ago, people are just starting to notice that he doesn’t wear the traditional piece of jewellery.

‘He’s not one for jewellery,’ explained a Palace aide. ‘He’s never worn any. He decided he didn’t want to wear one now. It’s all down to personal preference.’

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We don’t know how we missed the announcement but it has divided the internet with lots of people taking to Twitter to voice their sadness on the subject.

Prince William’s decision, however, is not an uncommon one with more and more men choosing to go wedding ring-free.

In fact, it turns out that it’s a common decision in the royal family with William’s grandfather, Prince Philip, also opting out of wearing one. However, Prince Harry has broken the royal tradition by wearing a simple platinum band on his left hand, made by the Cleave and Company, the same jeweller behind Meghan Markle’s engagement ring.

Essentially, it is up to each royal what they prefer. Kate on the other hand has enough bling for the two of them, never seen without Princess Diana’s 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring on her finger.

Now there’s a ring we’d also wear every day…

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