The best cleansing oil and how to tell if it’s right for your skin type


Using an oil to wash your face may sound counterintuitive. But perhaps the simplest way to understand why you need to add a cleansing oil to your regime is that ‘like dissolves like’.

Oils are lipophilic so they absorb other oils. This means that cleansing oil attracts grease and make-up and then cleverly removes them from the skin when mixed with a little water.

Plus, you actively nourish while giving a deep clean.

Cleansing oils are more hydrating than face washes because they contain fewer (if any, depending on the product) foaming agents or detergents.

Instead, they are packed with soothing oils and humectants that respect the lipidic (fatty) layer of your skin so it never feels tight or uncomfortable.

And who doesn’t love the spa-worthy feeling of using an oil at the end of the day?

To that point, don’t just slap on your cleansing oil. Use it as part of the double cleanse that is a trademark of Korean skincare.

This first calls for an oil cleanser to dissolve surface dirt.

Apply a warm, damp washcloth to your face for about 20 seconds. Then really massage the cleansing oil into your skin to purge pores of pollution, foundation and other unspeakable nasties. Not even the best mascara or the best foundation will stand a chance.

After that, emulsify with a little water and use the clean back of the flannel to wipe the oil off.

The second cleanse can either be with a cleansing oil, milk or gel to rid the skin of grime lurking under your make-up.

Before you get to the application, though, you need to select the right cleansing oil for your skin type.

Scan the label – those with heavier oils such as sunflower are great for dry skin.

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Those who describe their skin type as normal will fare well with a no frills version like DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, which uses olive fruit oil as a base.

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Those with sensitive skin should opt for cleaning oils with calming calendula.‘Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser is a really gentle formula, which will ensure your skin is left soft and refreshed, without causing irritation,’ says Consultant Dermatologist and author of The Skincare Bible Dr Anjali Mahto.

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However, if your skin is prone to acne, Mahto advises caution.

‘I don’t like to use oils or oil cleansers on acne-prone skin,’ she says. ‘They can be comedogenic, so I’d avoid it if you’re prone to breakouts and blackheads.’

Keep scrolling for more of the Marie Claire approved cleansing oils to snap up…

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