How To Layer Gold Necklaces


Whilst my trysts with trends may be fleeting (hello puff sleeves, goodbye coloured tights), there is one constant love in my life, that transcends the seasons: gold jewellery. The kind you can layer and layer and never get tired of.

The beauty of gold necklaces, earrings and bracelets is that they make everything look expensive, instantly, whether that’s a plain white shirt or a silk slip dress. And there is a plethora of ways to wear them. Sometimes, I feel like just wearing  single gold chain, other times, especially this party season, I like to layer.

My collection is extensive, but I often revert to the same core styles: a gold coin pendant, a single pearl earring and anything with my initials on. I love stacking delicate rings too.

Layering is a way to make your style unique, and constantly reinvent yourself depending on your mood. Therefore, in my book, it is a trend well worth investing in.

How to layer gold jewellery

I asked two of my favourite female jewellery designers for their tips on how to nail the layering trend this season. For Roxanne of Roxanne First, it’s all about more is more.

‘I think it’s a great opportunity to layer all kinds of necklaces, from beads to fine gold chains and chunkier statement pieces. Summer is great as we aren’t bundled up in jumpers so our décolletage is always on show! Adding beads allows you to add some colour! Our personalisation pieces are brilliant to layer, and ideally you’d want a few size options to layer (so they don’t get tangled). All in all, it’s about having some fun, mixing and matching – textures and golds,’ she says.

Meanwhile, Rosh of Alighieri recommends mixing and matching different textures, ‘I always wear four to five necklaces, all with different chains that can elevate a t-shirt and jeans, and really allow you to tell a unique story. The more different the chains, the better. At the moment, I’m wearing lots of gold charms and pearls.’

And the same goes with other kinds of jewellery, whether you’re into rings, earrings or bracelets. Shop my edit of the best gold jewellery you can buy now, whether to be worn alone or layered.


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