This the exact lipstick that Kate Middleton always wears


Her wedding day was no exception

It’s no secret that the royal women love a bit of lipstick just like the rest of us.

Meghan Markle’s go-to lipstick is a Charlotte Tilbury number, the Queen is thought to favour the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour lipsticks. (In case you missed it, here’s why the Queen opted for a bold shade for her address to the nation.)

Known for her understated, classic beauty look, the Duchess of Cambridge of course also has a go-to lipstick.

Kate Middleton lipstick

Incidentally, it’s also the shade she wore on her wedding day back in 2011 – complete with a little bit of lip gloss over the top.

The lipstick in question, we hear you ask?

It’s none other than Bobbi Brown’s classic, creamy, semi-matte Lip Colour, in the shade Sandwash Pink.

Kate Middleton lipstick

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We think you’ll agree it’s a pretty great colour to have in your beauty arsenal.

Are you already Sandwash Pink fan? Or will you be adding to your wishlist knowing it’s duchess-approved?

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