These are the most popular double-barrelled baby names in the UK


If you’re expecting this year, you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through all the baby name lists that the internet has to offer – whether you’re looking at the smartest baby names, the predicted most popular baby names of 2020, the rarest baby names or the cutest Disney inspired baby names.

But with so many options, you’ve probably found that more than one moniker tops your list. So if you can’t whittle it down to one, why not think about a double-barrelled name?

They’re proving to be more and more popular, and a report from Cosmopolitan UK which looked at the Office of National Statistics (ONS) for baby name data in 2018 found that parents are opting to double up on first names for something a little more unique.

It shows that when it comes to the most popular double-barrelled girls names, adding Rose or Mae seems to be a current trend, and when looking at the most popular double-barrelled boys names, James and Lee come out on top.

So if you’re in need of inspiration and are tempted to try two monikers, take a look at the most popular double-barrelled baby names in England and Wales…

Most popular double-barrelled girls names

  1. Amelia-Rose
  2. Ava-Rose
  3. Ella-Rose
  4. Isla-Rose
  5. Ivy-Rose
  6. Lily-Rose
  7. Olivia-Rose
  8. Bella-Rose
  9. Gracie-Mae
  10. Mia-Rose
  11. Harper-Rose
  12. Ava-Grace
  13. Lily-Mae
  14. Lilly-Rose
  15. Ava-Mae
  16. Elsie-Mae
  17. Lilly-Mae
  18. Evia-Rose
  19. Daisy-Mae
  20. Sienna-Rose

Most popular double-barrelled boys names

  1. Tommy-Lee
  2. Alfie-James
  3. Riley-James
  4. Harley-James
  5. Abu0Bakr
  6. Reggie-Lee
  7. Leo-James
  8. Harvey-Lee
  9. Logan-James
  10. Lucas-James
  11. Noah-James
  12. Oliver-James
  13. Tyler-James
  14. Carter-James
  15. Harley-Jay
  16. Hunter-Lee
  17. John-James
  18. Jacob-James
  19. Alfie-Jay
  20. John-Paul

So if you just can’t choose between your two favourite names, use this as a starting point and get creative!

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