Love croissants and pretzels? M&S is now selling cretzels – and we’re here for it


Since going into lockdown, many popular chains have been sharing their usually top secret recipes – from the Pret chocolate chip cookie recipe to the McDonalds sausage egg McMuffin recipe. Buckingham Palace even posted their royal cupcake recipe for anyone who wants to move on from banana bread.

And if you’re not so keen on cooking up a sweet treat storm in the kitchen, you could also make the most of the new launches from your local supermarket, whether it’s the retro sweets ice creams from Iceland or the M&S Percy Pig ice cream.

But if you’re after something savoury and a little bit different, M&S has now launched a ‘cretzel’.

There have been many foodie hybrids over the last few years, from the cronut to the cruffin, and now it’s time for a croissant and pretzel marriage – and we’re 100% here for it.

Combining the chewy goodness of a pretzel with the buttery, flaky pastry of a croissant, these wonders are oven baked in store and topped with a lye coating and sprinkling of sea salt.

You can enjoy yours however you like, whether it’s simply toasted and slathered in butter or filled with a good chunk of cheese and a fancy ham.

M&S Bakery Product Developer, Kirsty Rowley, said: ‘We are continually challenging ourselves to invent the next big thing in bakery.

‘Inspired by our customers love of the sweet and salty flavour combination (we see in the popularity of our sweet and salty popcorn) we bring them the Cretzel!

‘The cretzel combines those contrasting flavours and is really versatile, great on its own, with a coffee at breakfast or delicious with a filling for lunch.

‘We know our customers love a hybrid, we have had everything from a chouxnut to a cruffin and most recently the yumnut.  We think the creztel big hit with our customers.’

If you want to try one for yourself, it’ll set you back just £1 and they’re available pre-bagged at the in-store bakery.

Drooling? Same.

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