Tips and Advice for the First Sex with a New Partner


Having sex with someone new is exciting but at the same time can be a little bit intimidating. Neither of you knows what the other one likes or dislikes and you could be nervous about having sex with a new partner. While we can’t tell you exactly what to do, we can offer you some useful tips and advice about sleeping with someone new for the first time. Whether you are male or female, you are both likely to have some concerns. Many of us are body conscious, especially if we have been single for a while and some of us fear that we won’t be very good at it. Whatever your inhibitions it is time to let them go and enjoy sex with someone new.

Are you nervous about sleeping with a new partner?

If you feel confident that you know what you are doing then the chances are you won’t need any help and advice. Congratulations if you are as you are among the few. Be mindful about being overconfident though. Just because you’ve seen the mind-blowing scenes where they finally get it on in the movies, doesn’t mean it’s going to be that perfect for you. You also need to consider the feelings of the other person and if they feel nervous. It is important to make them feel relaxed even if you feel confident.

Sex with a new person isn’t always mind-blowing!

In reality, there are often things that don’t quite click and you could end up in an awkward situation. The first time may not be quite right, you may have got too excited too soon or it could be a bit of an anti-climax. It is important to manage your expectations and not expect fireworks. Don’t be disappointed if it isn’t the explosive, passionate experience you were expecting. Also, don’t waste time worrying that you weren’t very good though, the chances are the other person is feeling the nerves too and they are blaming themselves. Sometimes sex with a new partner takes time and effort from both sides until it is the perfect movie-style sex.

Don’t compare sex with your ‘best’

This can be rather difficult for those who have had their ‘best’ sex with another partner. It is important to separate this sex with a new person to sex with an ex. Let’s face it – there are reasons why your ex is your ex and you can’t expect someone new to be able to give you that kind of sexual experience. You can expect to be treated better though and bury the problems of previous relationships if you meet the right person.

Sex positions for new relationships

While there is something to be said for keeping it vanilla at the beginning, you do want it to be memorable for the right reason. Shake it up and maybe try a few positions. No acrobatics though – you don’t want to break anything. If you want to add a bit spice and really impress him or her then encourage them to try new positions. It will make you look like a bedroom guru if you suggest some of these many hot positions which include The Ottoman Empire, The Chair and The Twisted Spoon!

How to be good in bed your first time

Nerves aren’t sexy and you could find yourself so nervous you don’t know what to do. Let’s take a look at a few things you could try before that first time, obviously, they won’t all work if it turns out to be spontaneous sex but if this is the case you won’t have time for nerves:

• Ladies – wear some sexy lingerie that you feel comfortable in and make sure you feel good
• Try yoga – it is good for flexibility, relaxation and your own body image
• Make sure you have some mouthwash in your bag or some chewing gum in your pocket
• Bring protection – this applies to both ladies and gents
• Talk about what you like
• Take it slowly – unless you are in the throes of passion!
• Don’t talk about previous partners – mood killer!

Of course, these are just a few tips that will help ease the nerves for the first time. Most importantly you just need to relax and be yourself.

Enjoy first time sex with a new partner

If you aren’t going to enjoy making love to a new partner for the first time then one of you is going to be disappointed, if not both of you. Sex should be an enjoyable experience but also an intimate one. If you don’t feel ready or comfortable then don’t feel pressured to do it until you are ready however if you are, then the key is to enjoy it.

Having sex with a new guy

Ladies listen up… men like sex and most of the time they aren’t judging you for marks out of ten. They are often thinking about the end goal. They aren’t bothered about the wobbly bits that you are convinced you have or whether you have a gorgeous tan. Get rid of those body hang-ups and be proud, Men love confidence – there is something really sexy about a girl who is confident. Be proud of your body and use what you were given.

And if you are having sex with a new girl…

Guys remember that some women may be nervous, they may not feel entirely comfortable getting naked in front of someone new. It’s your job to reassure them and make them feel good about themselves. If they feel confident, they will relax and you will both benefit from a much better time. Sex with a new person isn’t always easy for both parties so remember to keep the mood light and take it slow.

Sex with a new partner is a very personal and intimate experience but it shouldn’t be feared. It is understandable that you should feel nervous or have some inhibitions. It’s time to let them go and enjoy it. What’s the worst that can happen? Just make sure that you both want to have sex and then enjoy it.

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