These Instagram home office ideas will make you want to redecorate ASAP


Working from home for the foreseeable future? Draw some inspiration from these stunning Instagram office desk set-ups to do it right…

With the majority of the nation isolated to our houses for the foreseeable future, working from home longterm has become a reality.

Unfortunately, our lives are a lot less Instagrammable than we’d like them to be, and too many of us have desk set ups that involve balancing laptops on pizza boxes in front of the TV. Don’t get us wrong – this is fine for a hungover Friday, but if we’re in this for the long haul, a home office revamp might be needed to get our mental health in check.

We’re talking mood boards, Apple Macs, the odd pot plant, a scattering of pretty books that we have no intention of actually reading, an artfully placed designer hand cream and casual peonies thrown in an old jam jar. The essentials.

But where to start?

If you’re in need of home office desk ideas, here are some of the most beautiful working spaces we could find on Instagram, and how you can create them in your own homes.

The retro chic home office

Retro chic home office essentials:

A retro wooden desk and matching chair seem to be essential, accompanied by some cool framed drawings, some monochrome pottery, a couple of eucalyptus leaves and a vintage camera.

The Hygge home office

Hygge home office essentials:

A green and white colour scheme prove to work, but the real Hygge must-haves are a clear desk, as many plants as you can get your hands on and a hell of a lot of wicker. We’re talking wicker chairs, wicker baskets and wicker bags.

The minimalist home office

Minimalist home office essentials:

Plain white walls and wooden floors are ideal, especially when spruced up with a large black desk, a decorative trunk, faux hide rugs, large mirrors, hanging light bulbs and a smattering of monochrome coffee table books.

The farmhouse home office

Farmhouse home office essentials:

A farmhouse home office aesthetic preferably involves a farmhouse or a cosy shed, but should be able to be accomplished anywhere with the right elements. Wood panels, wooden shelves, wooden desk and a wooden floor are essential for a cabin vibe. And decor wise, we’re talking quilted chairs, boho cushions and a lot of green plants.

The greenhouse home office

Greenhouse home office essentials:

A greenhouse home office is best in a greenhouse, with big windows and a lot of natural light proving necessary. A glass/ wood desk also gives a nice effect, but the key element is plants – a greenhouse home office cannot have enough hanging plants.

The Scandi home office

Scandi home office essentials:

Scandi home offices are not only some of the most popular, but also the easiest ideas to execute. Essential elements include a clear space, a wicker basket, a terrarium, a few cacti, a fluffy rug and an extremely large plant. And of course, the staple of every Scandi home office – a Charles Eames chair (or a £30 replica).

The rose gold home office

Rose gold home office essentials:

Rose gold office essentials are in the name really – anything rose gold works. From mesh baskets and books to ornamental watering cans, terrariums and vintage cameras. The trick with a rose gold themed office however is to offset it with a monochrome wall, a plain wooden desk and a neutral coloured chair.

The hipster home office

Hipster home office essentials:

Hipster home offices are simple and fun to create, but if you have a bare-brick wall in your home, you’re half way there already. Other essentials include a couple of Anglepoise floor lamps, a bohemian rug, a vintage radio and all the overgrown pot plants you can find.

The plant-based home office

Plant-based home office essentials:

Plant-based home office essentials are also all in the name. The key – squeeze as many plants as you can possibly find into the space. Additional elements include a wooden desk, a couple of big floor baskets and a brightly painted chair.

The monochrome home office

Monochrome home office essentials:

Monochrome home office essentials are very simple – everything needs to be black and white. A white wall and desk are a good way of ensuring that your home office doesn’t get too dark. Then, the chair, wall art and additional furnishings can add the darker colours –  a black mesh pin board, a wall calendar, and – judging by this picture – an espresso mug.

Happy redecorating!

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