Style Tips For Short Guys with KYJO Style


Style Tips For Short Guys with KYJO Style

  • Here are some things you’ll discover in this show:
  • What we are considering to be a short guy for the purposes of the interview
  • How regardless of how tall you actually are, it is entirely up to how the woman perceives you
  • The power of having a big personality and a lot of confidence if you truly are regarded as being short
  • Why appearing well put together in terms of style can win you major points
  • What makes wearing baggy clothes with long sleeves and a long jacket make you look more like a child than an adult
  • How to have a more monochromatic appearance that showcases brighter / lighter colours near the face, and why it’s so important for a shorter nice guy
  • The importance of feeling great about yourself regardless of actual height
  • Why you are a walking, talking business card for anything you do, and how to make the best of it
  • The 3 things to bring to every interaction that can make or break you as a shorter nice guy
  • What women want to feel when around a man that can cause her to overlook a potential height objection

Top Tips:

  • Fit (experiment with which fits work for you body)
  • Monochromatic
  • Focus on looking good, rather than looking taller
  • Wear things that will draw people’s attention upward
  • Wear clothes that are exciting
  • What women are looking for and working on those traits (sense of humour, respectful, etc)

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