Prince William and Kate Middleton have released an important update during the coronavirus outbreak


Here’s everything you need to know…

The Cambridges are undoubtedly the most talked about family in the world, and in the aftermath of the Sussex family’s resignation, they are making non-stop headline news.

Their popularity has only surged during the coronavirus outbreak, with Kate and Wills sharing sneak peeks of their royal offices to Instagram, releasing sweet videos of their children and surprising NHS workers, school teachers and young students with video phone calls to boost morale and give thanks. And let’s not forget the news emerging last week that Kate and William were rehiring the former staff of Harry and Meghan.

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made news as they released an important update amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Not only have the royal couple broken down how their Royal Foundation will help and support those on the frontline during the outbreak, they have also listed all of their charity projects so others can get involved too.

‘Working to connect our partners with those who are able to provide practical support to frontline responders and their families; Doing all we can to promote and support the charities that can play a part in helping responders and their families with their mental health needs,’ the statement read on behalf of the couple. ‘And playing our part in the national effort to thank and celebrate all those working on the frontline of this crisis.’

Well, that’s that.

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