How To Handle Crazy Women with Susan Winter


How To Handle Crazy Women with Susan Winter

  • Here are some things you’ll discover in this show:
  • What happens when women make the moves in today’s society
  • Why men may perceive women to be crazy even if they’re not
  • What allows a woman to be able to argue better than a man
  • How a woman is able to recall every single thing you’ve ever done
  • One scary fact about how women perceive any mistakes you might make
  • The difference between nagging and poor communication
  • What it means to have a normal reaction to a situation
  • How a crazy woman may react to situations
  • The best way to distance yourself from crazy women

3 Tips

Here’s what Susan has to say:

  1. Get very clear on what you want
  2. Check her disposition – watch how she is when she thinks it doesn’t count
  3. Set boundaries from the very beginning

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