Brains VS Beauty: What’s your dating preference?



Do you have a dating preference? If you are a man reading this article, do you prefer pretty women or intelligent women? If you are a woman reading this article, do you prefer handsome men or intelligent men? Research shows that men and women have many differences in this area.

Men look for replication value in women, whereas women look for survival value in men

When it comes to humans, nature only cares about two things: to survive and to reproduce. This comes from our ancient ancestors and evolution has placed this in our DNA today. To put things in today’s context, it seems that most men prefer pretty women because a beautiful face and a body indicate high replication value, i.e. this woman is more likely to give birth to healthy children. In contrast, women tend to look for intelligent men with resources – usually, smart men are more successful and wealthy, so they are more likely to be powerful providers. Therefore, it can be seen that women prefer brains, yet men prefer beauty in most cases.

Women: beauty is the gatekeeper, and brains can keep the guy

Apparently, if a woman wants to attract male attention, she has to have physical beauty first because that’s the real gatekeeper. Once she is attractive enough to get a guy, her brains would help her to keep the guy because at the end of the day, her conversational skills and communication techniques will demonstrate her true personality which is the ultimate reason why a guy wants to be with her in the long term. Without attractiveness, no man has the patience to discover a woman’s intelligence and charming personality.

Men: high status enhances the perceived beauty

Have you noticed that Prince William and Prince Harry are both considered as very handsome men? In fact, there are many more handsome men out there, but Prince William and Prince Harry are regarded as particularly handsome because of their high status. In other words, the gatekeeper is not beauty in this regard because men’s value is not determined by their good looks in the first place. More women want to date successful men than good-looking men. That’s why you are more likely to see rich men (rather than handsome men) dating hot models.

Honestly, a person’s dating preference is not a choice. No one is consciously choosing who they find attractive. As a result, we shouldn’t go against human nature and should trust our intuition and enmesh into relationship.

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